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ADU 200 sq ft / Premium

Office 200

ADU 250 sq ft / Upgraded

Office 250

ADU 250 sq ft / Standard

Studio 250

ADU 300 sq ft / Upgraded

Studio 300

ADU 400 sq ft / Premium

Detached 400

ADU 400 sq ft / Upgraded

Detached 400 2lvs

ADU 500 sq ft / Upgraded

Detached 500

ADU 647 sq ft / Standard

Detached 647

ADU 750 sq ft / Standard

Detached 750

ADU 1200 sq ft / Premium

Detached 1200

ADU 1200 sq ft / Upgraded


1200 2lvs


Benefits of Building

an ADU or Granny Flat

Improve or convert any small space, garage, or build a brand new stand-alone dwelling unit.

• Earn extra income monthly

• Add additional living space

• Keep your loved ones close

• Increase property value

Get the best use of your property with an ADU from Multitaskr.

Discover the benefits of improving or converting any small space, garage, or building a brand new stand-alone dwelling unit.

All it takes is 4 simple steps to get started:

1 – Select an ADU from our catalog

2 – Calculate monthly payment

3 – Calculate rental income

4 – Schedule a call to review options

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